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Automated Shift Scheduling & Rotation for Slack

Simplify your team's scheduling within Slack: Effortless automation for on-call, support rotations, and more, tailored to fit your workflow.

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Maximize Time Efficiency

Eliminate manual scheduling hassles, freeing up valuable hours. RosterBird automates shift planning and rotation, significantly reducing the time spent on arranging and managing schedules.

This means more time focusing on core business activities, leading to improved productivity and efficiency.

Enhance Team Productivity

Streamline team coordination with automated notifications and seamless integration with Slack and Google Calendar.

By ensuring everyone is aligned and informed, RosterBird minimizes misunderstandings and delays, enhancing overall team productivity and collaboration.

Simplify Team Communication

Enhance internal communication with RosterBird's Slack integration.

By centralizing notifications and updates within a platform your team already uses, RosterBird fosters a more connected and informed team, reducing the risk of miscommunication and scheduling errors.

Improved Accountability

Improve visibility and accountability within your team by transparently automating shift assignments and rotations.

RosterBird's clear scheduling and notification system ensures that everyone knows their responsibilities well in advance, providing transparency and accountability for team members.


We've Got you Covered

Take the Guess Work Out of Scheduling

Automated Schedules

Automate schedule assignment with different intervals. You can schedule with Daily, Weekly, Bi-Weekly or at Monthly intervals.

Absence Management

Add Absences of your team members to automatically exempt them. You can add absences for custom range of dates and across multiple teams.

Holiday Management

Setup holidays at organization level or at roster level to automatically schedule around them.

Google Calendar

Connect your Google account and sync your schedules and assignments to your Google calendar of choice.


We provide APIs to access roster / schedule information. Build custom integration of your choice with on-demand APIs.


Group Rosters & members into individual Teams. Assign admins to manage their teams independently of organization account.

Bot for Slack

Using our bot in Slack, you can easily create rosters, view your assignments and get notified all from within Slack itself.

User Groups

Use Slack User groups to automatically ping the assigned team member(s). The assignees will be dynamically updated to the @group of your choice.


Plans That Scale

Start your 14-day free trial today.


$ 1.59/user/month

  • Up to 100 Users
  • 5 Teams
  • 25 Rosters
  • Automated Scheduling
  • Manual Rosters
  • Slack User Groups
  • Absence Management
  • Holiday Management
  • Multiple Assignees
  • Roster Groups


$ 2.49/user/month

  • Up to 250 Users
  • 10 Teams
  • Unlimited Rosters
  • Automated Scheduling
  • Manual Rosters
  • Slack User Groups
  • Absence Management
  • Holiday Management
  • Multiple Assignees
  • Roster Groups
  • Google Calendar
  • API Integration
  • Reports

Most asked questions

For questions or a demo, reach out to us at or use the below contact form below. We're here to help.

Using RosterBird with Slack is straightforward. When you signup, our bot for Slack will be installed to your Slack team automatically. You can search for @rosterbird in Slack to start your interaction with RosterBird.
You will only be billed for any members from your team that you invite to RosterBird explicitly. For example, If you have a Slack team with 350 members and only 50 are invited to RosterBird, you'll be billed for the invited 50 members. You can add or remove members at any time from RosterBird.
Presently it is not possible to use RosterBird without a Slack team. We are actively working towards launching on other platforms. If you have any suggestion, please do write to us at
We offer a no commitment 14-day free trial. All the features of RosterBird will be available for you during the trial. When your trial is expiring you can choose whether to continue with a subscription by submitting your billing information.
If for any reasons you are not satisfied, we offer a 30-day no questions asked refund.

By design we cannot access any of your sensitive information. We use the following information.

  • Profile information such as name, email, profile picture to use within the product.
  • Selected Channel & Group information for notifications.

We do not have access to any of your messages or channels that you did not explicitly add RosterBird bot to.

No credit card or billing info needed for your trial. When you're ready to purchase, simply submit your billing details.
We do offer custom pricing plans. Please contact us at for more details.

Any questions? We'd love to hear from you.

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