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RosterBird automates scheduling tasks among your team, so you can focus on better things.

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RosterBird automates rostering for 100s teams around the world everyday. You're in good company.


Absence management

Setup absence / off days of your team members to automatically schedule the roster around it.

Holiday management

Setup off days for entire organization or a single roster to skip assignments for a particular day.


Integrate with our custom APIs or any of our built-in integrations to easily fit in the schedules into your workflows.

Access Roles

With your organization control panel, assign dedicated roles to team members to access control the application.

Custom Notification

Customize your notification schedule, time and channel for specific rosters or for whole organization.

Bot for Slack

Using our bot in Slack, you can easily create rosters, view your assignments and get notified all from within Slack itself.

And much, much more...

Custom notification messages, Custom channels, Bot commands, Advanced control panel, Easy Slack import.

How it works?

  1. Install RosterBird app to your Slack organization.
  2. Invite your team members into the app
  3. Create your Roster!

"RosterBird eliminates the need to constantly remind team members when their turn is up. By automating the reminders, scheduling a roster has never been easier."

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