Take the Guess Work Out of Scheduling.

Multiple Intervals

Create rosters with multiple intervals like Daily, Weekly, Bi-Weekly and Monthly.

Custom Start Date

Set custom start date to schedule your Rosters to start from.

Multiple Channels

Set one or more channels & private groups to automatically receive assignment notification.

Custom Notifications

Customize your notification message and include assignee or roster information dynamically.

Early Notification

Schedule early notifications to automatically give a heads-up to the assignee days before their assignment.

Nuanced Notifications

Configure whether to receive notifications everyday or start of the day for multi-day rosters.

User Groups

Link Rosters with a user group in your slack account to automatically update the assignee to the group.

Multiple Assignees

Configure multiple assignees for a Roster. All assignees will be updated in usergroups or in the messages.


Enable swap to easily swap the assignees from inside Slack.

Custom Schedules

Configure how far into the future you want the schedules to be generated.

Custom Squad Order

Set a custom order for your squad member. Assignments will be generated in the order.

Roster Groups

Group multiple rosters into one to avoid same assignee getting conflicting assignment.

On-Demand Schedules

Generate schedules when you need them on-demand. You can also wipe the schedule clean and assign afresh.

Update Assignees

Easily update the assignee of any upcoming schedule either for single day or for a whole cycle.

Adhoc Assignees

Add assignees to any particular assignment without generating them into your Roster.

Override Schedules

Override the schedule for any particular assignment in your Roster, add additional assignee or delete the schedule.

Historical Schedules

Easily access historical schedules from your Roster calendar.

Adhoc Notifications

Send adhoc notifications for your Roster assignment at anytime from the Roster page.

Profile Colors

Set custom colors for any members to have their assignment unique across calendars.

Off Days

Setup off days at organization level or at selective rosters to automatically skip assignments.

Absence Management

Add absence period for any particular member to automatically skip assignment for them on the selected days.


Build custom integration of your choice with APIs that allows you to fetch roster & assignment information.

Google Calendar

Connect your Google account and sync your schedules and assignments to your Google calendar of choice.


Group Rosters & members into individual Teams. Assign admins to manage their teams independently of organization account.

Team Roles

Enable nuanced access control by providing specific roles for members at team level.

Custom TimeZone

Setup Roster specific timezone to automatically receive notifications at your local time.

Organization Roles

Enable nuanced access control by providing specific roles for members at organization level.

Bot: Get Assignments

Automatically get the assignment with the configured channel by just using "/roster assignee".

Bot: Specific Roster Assignment

Get the present assignment for specific roster using /roster assignee "roster name".

Bot: Get Upcoming Assignments

Get the upcoming assignment from Slack by using /roster upcoming "roster name".

Bot: Create Roster

Create roster from within slack using "/roster new" or "@rosterbird new".

Bot: Slack Home

Get a glance of all your upcoming assignment right from Slack in RosterBird Home".

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